Finance Council

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Parish Finance Council

To our Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

In our desire for better coordination of the programs and activities of our Parish, St. Mary Magdalene in the Diocese of Antipolo and cognizant of the expertise, knowledge, interst, and qualification of nominees, by virtue of this present letter, we hereby appoint the following officers of the Parish Financel Council;

Bro. Dan Masinsin - President

Mrs. Maria Goolsby - Co-Chairman

Sis. Baby Benavidez - Asst. Chairman

Bro. Jimmy Capistrano - Treasurer

Sis. Belen Dizon - Secretary

Sis. Alma Masinsin - Auditor

Bro. Arthur Olea - Member

Bro. Michael Abeleda - Member

Bro. Fortunato Sioson - Member

Dr. Elmer Montoya - Member

Sis. Baby Yokingco - Member

Bro. Jay Maddatu - Member

All the prerogatives and privileges inherent to the position are granted to the appointee until September 30, 2008.

St. Mary Magdalene Parish, September 30,2006.


Rev. Fr. Reynante U. Tolentino - Parish Priest

What is the Finance Council?

As aid and partner of the Pastoral Council, the Parish Finance Council is set forth to help the Pastoral Council in bringing its projects to action. The Finance Council aims to help in the financial stability of the parish by providing courses of action in bringing funds to the parish.

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